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Martin Levitt:
Saving Boris . . .
from his enemy . . .


Dear Friends of Uncle Boris, It is just wonderful that everyone is so hopeful about Boris. Most of it sounds like pitiful and discordant whistling. I was under the impression from Boris, though he wasn't thrilled with it; he planned to have Gertrude Stein's son to be in charge of the foundation named for his sister and mother and also if he would help perpetuate the art work that Boris has done. He would also would try to keep "No!art" functioning.

It seems that Everyone is pretending that Boris will soon be at the Cedar Bar hosting a gathering of artists. If Boris survives this latest incident he will be in no shape to live alone. He will need constant care and rehabilitation. To use a common simile, "Someone has to step up to the plate as a pinch hitter for Comrade Boris". If he had been sent to a rehab to begin with, he would be vigorous and making money and doing art work and torturing a slew of Hispanic workers.

The ideal situation would be a decent apartment with a live in, tough, middle aged, illegal Mexican woman in control.

Boris is easy to control, he is not a fighter, he is a survivor. If he survives this last gambit, it is an ideal time for him to create art and find a staff for his foundation.

I hope somebody can find someway to convince Boris that he is now as famous as Giotto and should just do art work, to help fill out his legend. Or he can continue to play Daddy Warbucks and work on his market ventures; but in a controlled environment. If he is left in charge, he is a "dead man".

Isn't there someone who will take charge?

A worried - 80 year old friend, Martin Levitt

By Mail on Feb 6th, 2006

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ABOUT MARTIN LEVITT: Born in 1926, in New York. His father, uncles and grandmother were all working artists and designers. They were émigrés from Russia around 1906. Martin Levitt served in the U.S. army in World War II and in the Israeli army in 1948. He went to the Art Students League in New York and worked as an assistant to a famous sculptor. He has since worked as a designer, artist and teacher. His philosophy has been to work and live without harming or exploiting other people or despoiling the planet; whilst drawing, painting and teaching art. — He died peacefully on November 1, 2017 in Burlington/VT.  more

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