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Sam Goodman:
Introduction for the Show
at Gallery Schwarz, Milan


I'll shoot the first person who tries to enter MY fallout shelter".
(A. SHMUCK Creepsville, N. J.)

DOOM: ART FOR SURVIVAL? On Mad. Ave. the "DEAD" leading the hopeless. What if the bomb never goes off?? Well!! Back to the cool hard calculated drawing room conversation, cocktails, anyone? Breath deep - I dare you, what can one do? One can end it all, just push the button! MOLE! Drinkable water in cans - 5 Gallons only $ 6.95. Bury deep! Go around in circles. Don't breath. Does it go well with period furniture? i.e. Beds? Period. Dosimeter? Radiation may be dangerous. Joke anyone? HA = HA! How come song-writers don't write a song for bombshelters? or fallout? NOT FUNNY ENOUGH? The art "GAME" - Museums are carnivals dedicated to a ONE-BALL culture directed by and for THEM. We are concerned with happenings, "real" happenings. ART WITH BALLS!! Not just guts! Mr. R.? If you please!! Cool, cool, how expressionists become impressionists? Why just regress and "FACE AWAY" to lily ponds and geometries. All a jolly - not a whimper - just a murmur after-glow! Don'tchknow! There are no issues if you never face them. We shall all die with our shelters on. Fallout!! Cures dandruff - it's good for you!! Let's be CHEERFUL as the end draws near. MATISSE has all the answers - dance and be gay. Do the "TWIST" on a BALLROOM in your pocket. SOLDIERS are to prevent wars ALWAYS! Old soldiers never die. they just "ATOMIZE". An atom war will solve EVERYTHING. Man must face his "FULL POTENTIAL"! NOW!

Source: Boris Lurie; S. Goodman, catalog, Schwarz, Milano 1962

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SAM GOODMAN: *1919 in Toronto, Canada — † 1967 in New York.—He founded and organized the Experimental Art Group in Toronto in 1937.—Moved to New York in 1947 and created the March Group in 1959 together with Boris Lurie and Stanley Fisher. The NO!art movement came out of this group.  more

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