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Augustus Goertz:
Involvement Show Statement


To hell with academic taboos, old or new! This historical year, 1961, finds many artists, in their soul-searching private conversations with their work, turning in revulsion from the specialized and decorative.

Again ... to hell with academic taboos! Involvement with the rich loam, the blood and merde and sex of an exploding mankind is too much of a hot sea to escape from. Let's face it!

The great adventure of the modern movement, in its tremendous preoccupation with means, has given us the tools forged by ascetic specialists of all kinds.

Let us thank everyone, and hate no one from the past, in art.

The appetizers were excellent but ... On with the Banquet!

We love subject matter ... So there ... What's more, we love all our tools and intend to use any number of them we require to fully implement an idea.

Let's face the drama, beauty and ugliness of the world's dance in the flames of Hell, 1961, and beyond ...

Let's face it and swim in it.

Source: Lurie, Boris; Krim, Seymour: NO!art, Cologne 1988

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AGUSTUS GOERTZ, artist, took part in the Involvement show at March Gallery, New York 1961.

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